Design Like Wildfire VIP Design Day Service

Super-Fast, Done-In-A-Day Design Intensives

Let’s take over your brand or website… like RIGHT NOW. Have a sales funnel you want completed? A few new pages to add to your website? Maybe you need a bunch of workbooks designed? Let’s get them done – super fast with a VIP Design Day!

You’re basically reserving days in my calendar to solely focus on Y-O-U and nobody else.

As a longtime freelance brand and web designer, I’ve seen how long projects can take, even when the intentions are there… We go step-by-step together, but it’s difficult to align our schedules for feedback, causing a single proof to take a week, and BOOM! – three months later to complete a project that really only took a few days of my time. Let’s rethink the process! I can help you meet your goals immediately.

So, let’s tackle your to-do list together and cross off those nagging projects you’ve been avoiding.

Two polaroid picture images taped to the screen showcasing a handmade ceramic coffee mug with a laptop and a mouse, pencil, and planner, Design Like Wildfire VIP Day Intensive

Why Choose a Design Like Wildfire VIP Design Day?

Days, Not Weeks
When we’re working over back and forth emails and not dedicating focused time to the projects we have scheduled, a simple project can take weeks. When using an intensive method to complete your goals, we can get your projects done now.

Flat Rate Fees
No need to wait around for a custom quote. Your project goals will be met for a flat fee in order of priority. We don’t need to separate out how much business cards will be versus social media templates versus your re-brand. If it can all be done in one block of time, it’s covered under the flat rate.

I’m All Yours
When you book a Design like Wildfire VIP Design Day, that time is reserved for you and your business. Because I will no longer be distracted by my other clients and the multi-tasking I usually do, this will allow for a much quicker turnaround.

It’s FAST!
Your vision will come alive almost immediately. During your Design Like Wildfire VIP design day intensive, all the work for your project will get done. As soon as your time booked is over, all the final design products will be in your hand! If you have more work than can be completed in a design one-day intensive, we will schedule more days. For bigger projects, like websites, I offer one-week design. It’s really that simple and that fast.

Step-by-Step Updates
No waiting around for proofs or different design directions. You’ll get visual updates every step of the way so you can make an immediate decision and I can get your tasks crossed off your to-do list.

Strategy + Direct Collaboration
We will actually begin your project before the booked VIP time with an in-depth onboarding form and strategy call, so we can make sure we are prepared for your project and on the same page. Then during the actual intensive, we will communicate via text, email, Voxer, or Slack so you can provide instantaneous feedback.

How does a VIP Design Day Intensive work?


Book Your Time!

Fill out the inquiry form to let me know you’re interested. I will respond with the next steps. When picking your date(s), first make sure you give yourself time to prepare the required documents. Second, make sure you will be available most of the day chosen with good service.


Finalize Your Booking

Once the date is picked, you will be emailed a contract and deposit request for 50%. Get these completed ASAP so you can lock in your spot on my schedule.


Do the Prep-Homework

Once all the details are set, I will email you the next steps. These will include a form that helps me understand your brief and a link to your strategy call. Depending on the project, there might be more requirements.


Your Design Like Wildfire Intensive 🎉

Ready, set, here we go! Please be prepared and ready to make decisions. Make sure you’re in an area with good service and internet and ready to communicate throughout your time booked.

So, what can be done in a VIP design day intensive?

While every project is different, here are some examples of how you could use Design Like Wildfire VIP Design Day Intensives.

Half Day

Stylized icon of business card plus brochure

Business Cards and Brochure

Stylized icon of powerpoint slides and word doc header

Slides and Doc Templates

Stylized icon of social media graphics on phone and e-newsletter on a tablet

Social Media and E-Newsletter Templates

Full Day

Stylized social graphic on phone icon plus brochure icon plus business card icon

Multiple Collateral Pieces

Stylized web landing page icon

Landing Page Design

Stylized Workbook Icon

E-book, Guide, or Workbook Design

Multi Day

Stylized icon of website design on computer, tablet and phone

Website Design

Stylized icon of branded collateral

Branding Design

Stylized icon of ipad with e-commerce shop on screen

E-Commerce Setup

Design Like Wildfire VIP Design Day Intensive Packages

Clock with solid line around half of it, Half Day VIP Design Intensive

Half Day

4-5 Hours of Focused Undivided Attention


Clock with solid line all the way around it, Full Day VIP Design Intensive

Full Day

8-9 Hours of Focused Undivided Attention


Calendar with multiple days blocked off, Multi Day VIP Design Intensive

Multi Day

As Many Hours as You Need of Focused Undivided Attention

Cost Varies*

*These prices are subject to change at any time. Please confirm current pricing during our call together.


What types of projects can I use VIP design day intensives for?

Anything I normally would be able to do for you, you are able to book as an intensive. If the project(s) are expected to take more than a day, you can book multiple days or a specialized package. We can discuss what you would need on our initial strategy call or you can contact me with questions.

What if my projects end up taking you longer than expected?

No biggie! Quality will always be more important to me than speed. I refuse to overlook quality and give you less than you deserve. If I don’t think I can realistically provide a well-designed, research-backed, and strategy-driven result within the time allotted due to unforeseen circumstances, we can reschedule more time with either a half or full day. If you decide to add-on to the project during our intensive, we can always schedule in more time then too.

What does the beforehand prep look like and how much time will I need to do it?

This depends a lot on your project(s). Information for social media templates and presentation slides will be a lot faster to fill out than information for a whole website. The time can vary based on how much thought and preparation you’ve put into this previously, as well. Nevertheless, all prep-homework will be delivered to you as an easy-to-fill-out form, which will provide details and suggestions specific to the project(s) at hand.

I ask that all prep-homework is submitted to me as early as possible before our intensive so I have time to look it over and ask any questions before I get started.

How is this different from booking you for a project normally?

I book most of my projects using the intensive method. It is the fastest and usually ends up being the most affordable for you in the end. Occasionally depending on the project brief, I will work hourly. All projects start with a phone call, and I will always be clear on what will work best for you. Hourly projects will be scheduled based on my availability. For small projects, it might take two weeks until I am available. For larger projects, I am sometimes booked for months out at a time.

Why is hiring you such a great investment for my business?

Most of my clients tell me I am like a “creative mind-reader” – I know what they want and need without them needing to tell me. I’m able to harness a little magic, not through special powers, but because I’ve been working in the design and marketing world for a long time. Aside from that, I’ve been solely focusing on 1:1 women-owned small business clients, specifically dietitians and outdoor brands, most of my career.

Not only do I have the expertise and experience, I understand the things you need to make your brand and website mindblowing – and as a special bonus – how your marketing and website can help streamline your systems and make your life easier, saving you time, money, and stress.

After the project is complete, do I still have access to you?

Yes! For project-specific support, I am available for 30 days past the intensive date. For Website in a Week packages, I offer two weeks of tweaks after launch. For all other needs or general support, I like to be available for all past clients whenever they need me. Therefore, I am always just an email away.

If you need more in-depth support, you can reach out to book me for a 60-minute consult call or to take on smaller one-time projects.

How can you get so much done in so little time?

Due to the format of the intensives, I am able to find my flow easier and focus on just you, making my process faster. Moreover, sending proofs and getting feedback will be consolidated. All of this means less emails, less wait time, less breaks, less distractions, and more productive design days where we can knock your project out of the park!

What’s the timeline like on booking you for VIP design day intensives?

The timeline is pretty dang fast. You can submit a request for an intensive here. I will get back to you ASAP (usually within 1 business day). From there we can discuss further on a discovery call if you have questions, or you can book right away on the calendar link I share with you. Once your date(s) are scheduled, I will send over any onboarding information and forms to be filled out for prep work. The prep work will need to be done at least one full day before the actual intensive day. You will need to ensure you have time for this prep-homework. It could take you anywhere from 10 minutes to 4 hours, depending on your project(s). On the date(s) you picked, all work scheduled for that time will be completed. I will send over any loose ends within the 24 hours after completion. From that point on, you have 30 days of access to me to ask questions or gain clarity on your project(s).

Even if you have time before your final project deadline, I recommend booking me now, as my schedule has a tendency to fill up rather quickly. Booking now will guarantee you have the best date for you and your goals and the least amount of stress to go with it.

Are you ready to get shit done… like really, really fast?

Let’s make the magic happen.