I’m Kelsey Van Horn, a Jill-of-All-Trades & Master of Some

More specifically, I’m your go-to for graphic and website design

I know that every business comes with their own set of challenges. As a woman entrepreneur myself, especially as one with a legitimate marketing background, I have already thought through many of the marketing strategies you might be considering now.

You’re tired of DIY-ing your brand and website. It takes too much time and it feels like it could be so much better.

You’re constantly drooling over your competitors’ websites and resources wondering “Why can’t I be them?!”

You feel stressed out thinking about going into Canva or coming up with ideas. That’s not your happy place.

It takes you ten times as long as a professional to make a simple business card… you don’t even want to consider how long it would take to plan and build out a website.

You aren’t getting the feedback you thought you’d be getting on the logo your friend made for your business. (Hint: a logo is not a brand!)

You’re unsure of what it is you actually need and what to do to get potential clients to convert.

If you’re in need of a brand or website, you know that these can be defining moments for your business. You’ve probably thought long and hard before realizing you’re ready to take that leap, and now you’re concerned that you won’t pick the right person to represent your vision accurately.

Here’s the thing: the decision doesn’t have to be scary. By working closely with you, I am able to expand on your vision and develop impactful creative strategies for your web design and branding needs.

Headshot of Kelsey Van Horn, Graphic and Web Designer that looks like a polaroid picture
Two polaroids of Kelsey Van Horn climbing rocks outside and looking at a map while hiking

Hiya, I’m Kelsey Van Horn


If there’s one thing to know, it’s that I’m passionate about what I do. I truly love solving problems and building connections with others, learning about their work, and rooting for their success. I thrive when I’m given the opportunity to turn dreams into reality.

I’ve earned a Fine Arts degree in graphic design, allowing me to have a solid foundation in the principles of art, typography, and color theory. Beyond my artistic abilities, I hold years of experience working in and with creative agencies, which has strengthened my overall marketing know-how and expanded my website building knowledge. I push myself past creative boundaries and always consider consumer psychology and the user experience. As much as I love it, design alone can’t help you succeed… but an extensive strategy that focuses on business efficiency, top-notch design, and user-experience sure as hell can put you on the right path.

If you pair my design and marketing expertise with my compassion for others, you’ll find that I won’t just provide you with a final product, but also build our relationship as well. Allowing you to consult with me on your marketing questions, find support in the moments after our project is complete, and trust that if you don’t know how to do something, I can help you figure it out.

And if you just want to know the personal things, well, I absolutely love being outside – hiking, climbing, biking, walking, you name it. I enjoy it so much I spent 6 months of my life hiking the entirety of the Appalachian Trail (a 2190+ mile footpath from Georgia to Maine). I spend most of my free time climbing rocks indoors and outside. It’s a sport that expands my strength physically and mentally. And you know what, it’s kind of bad-ass! 😉

Fun Facts

Miles Hiked (Including the entire Appalachian Trail)

Local American Advertising Awards Won (2x Best in Show)

Hours per week I dedicate to rock climbing

Years of Marketing and Design Industry Experience

Enneagram Number (I also Identify with both my wings 7/9)


Remote Work, so I can collaborate with you anywhere across the US

Are you ready to live your wildest business dreams?

Take the leap!

Here's what I mean when I say I'm not like other designers...