Perfect Your Presence Brand Expansion

Let’s use what you have, but spruce it up a little.

If you have a pre-existing logo, but need help refining it, this is your deal! We’ll work on polishing up what exists, while retaining the values your customers already know and love + a few sweet add-ons.

Did you have a friend design your brand? Maybe you completely DIY-ed it? Is your brand identity looking a bit outdated or the color palette just doesn’t sit right with you anymore?

Sure, your existing logo and brand aren’t perfect, but here’s the thing… you still LOVE your brand! And you don’t really want something new. Just something refreshed.

Or maybe you have a logo but it isn’t really usable, because you don’t have color or orientation variations. Or maybe you only have a small, fuzzy JPEG copy of it. We can fix that.

If it’s guidance you’ve been lacking, I will create a custom manual detailing how to use your brand elements! You don’t need a full blown rebrand to fall in love with your brand identity again.

What’s Included +

  • Full communication every step of the way
  • Industry, audience + competitor research as needed
  • Logo concept stays the same, but the look is updated to be more modern, robust, and to fit your brand needs (This might mean font updates, color updates, creating different variations, reconstructing existing illustrations, etc.)
  • Color palette + type family development
  • Color, orientation + secondary variations of refined logo
  • Working files for print and web in PNG, JPG, SVG, and EPS
  • Guide on how to use working files for different applications
  • Brand Use Guide tailored to your specific brand needs
Note: Client’s looking for a Brand Expansion must be approved and eligible for the service. Therefore, a video inquiry call is required.

Perfect Your Presence with a Brand Expansion!

Starting at $1025

Want to learn more about how the Perfect Your Presence Brand Expansion works?

Let’s polish up your current visual identity so you can fall in love with it again (and your clients can too!)

Define your Company’s Brand Strategy ✨

Have you considered who your ideal target client is? Do you know what vibe you’re trying to go for? Have you considered the psychology behind your brand? Grab the checklist and uncover the answers to these questions!