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2016 Flapjack Fest T-Shirt

Flapjack Fest 2-Color T-Shirt Designs

At the end of each semester, before finals, my university would hold the best event–Flapjack Fest. It included free pancakes, coffee, and other breakfast foods at late night hours served by our professors. Before the event, a contest was held for the Flapjack Fest t-shirt. I was lucky enough to win twice. The specs were to design a t-shirt for the event that was a two color screen printed design on a colored t-shirt of your choice which included “Marywood University” and the year. For the blue 2015 t-shirt, I stuck with an old-school diner theme. For the 2016 yellow t-shirt, I modernized and used a quirky illustration style to sell my design.

Adobe Illustrator