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Mock up of Christine R Donnolo Business Coach's logo on notebooks, letterhead, and business cards with two pencils as accessory items

Christine R Donnolo, Business Consultant Branding and Web Site

A logo creation and web site for Christine R Donnolo–a business coach, yoga teacher, and Dharma enthusiast. She wanted her business to also be personal, so this logo combines a mandala shape (yoga and Dharma inspired) that uses 8 points on the edges (like the Dharma wheel) with the commonly seen business connections map, which is signified using the circles and lines to create the image. These aspects allowed a creative, unique logo that tied Donnolo’s personal ambitions with her professional business. The web site was then created with emphasis on a lot of space (despite a large amount of text) and a modern edge.

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, WordPress CMS, Divi, CSS3, HTML5